Travel & lifestyle writer Stephanie Steinman, a self-professed sun-whorshipper from Los Angeles, California, can often be found crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of the coolest hotels & must-have items from Malibu to Mykonos, and everywhere in between.  Always on the lookout for a new beauty product while on holiday, Steinman's friends would often tell her she 'smells like a tropical vacation' (a compliment if ever there was one!)---so with that in mind she set out to create a line of lust-worthy products that would instantly transport you to a tropical getaway---no matter your current zip code.     

Le Paradis, which translates to 'paradise' in French, was conceived as a postcard from each destination that has left a lasting impression---drawing inspiration from beaches, palm trees, cocktails, and sunsets.  We believe in sunscreen, room service, paper umbrellas in our drinks, collecting seashells as souvenirs, ocean water that feels like a bathtub, balmy nights, dancing under the stars, and ice cream cones before dinner.

Welcome to Le Paradis...bon voyage!